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Tips & Tutorials – Research

The question we get asked most often about what we do, (other than, are the images real - which is yes!) is, how do we find the locations that we shoot. In this blog post, we will give you some insight into this question and show you a few examples of what we are...

How And Where It All Began

On December the 23rd, 2016, in a remote Western Australian lay-by, Abstract Aerial Art was born! The story starts back in March of the same year, when, heartbroken and fed up of day to day life in the UK, we decided to buy a one-way plane ticket to Australia. With no...

The Equipment

For our first blog post, we are going to list the equipment used for capturing all that is Abstract Aerial Art. It is one of the questions that we get asked most frequently, therefore, we have put together this short blog post explaining everything that we use to...

“The point is not to work out what it is, but to show
how weird and wonderful the world can look from above.”