About Us

The Brothers

We are two brothers and best mates from the UK, JP and Mike Andrews. With our passion for travel and adventure, we specialise in photographing bizarre, aerial images of planet Earth. Captured using our unique style of drone photography, we aim to show you the world from a perspective not many have the opportunity to witness.

The story began back in March 2016. Heartbroken and fed up of day to day life in the UK, we booked a one-way ticket to Australia and with no plan whatsoever flew to the other side of the world. With no survival skills between us, we set off into the Australian outback on a year-long adventure that would change our lives forever. Six months in, we made the decision to purchase a drone and started photographing some of the incredible sights we had come across along the way. 

Realising that we had a number of extremely unusual and thought-provoking images, we wanted to share them with the world. As a result, Abstract Aerial Art was born. 

Taken from a top-down perspective, every aerial photograph we take is of a real place on our planet. We like to compose our images as artworks rather than traditional photographs. Other than slight colour and contrast enhancements none of our images are manipulated in any way. As we always say, “the point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above”.

Since our life-changing trip down under came to an end, we’ve continued to travel far and wide to photograph the extraordinary world we’ve fallen in love with. The more we discover, the more apparent it becomes we have barely scratched the surface. 

To keep up to date with where we are and what we’re up to, please follow our blog and see where our adventures will take us next!